Aug 27

Rabid Reader Ramblings (11) Finding Balance: Blogging, Life, Writing, Self Employment

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Rabid Reader Ramblings is my “discussion post” feature here at Just Another Rabid Reader.  It is a post in which I discuss bookish or blogging related things!  Please feel free to comment, no matter if you agree or disagree because discussion and healthy debate are what these posts are for~!


It’s been a crazy week.  With the craziness of the last week, and all the changes in my life in the last two, I realized that my routine needed a revamp.  Therefore, I am actually sitting at my desk at 6 in the morning.  And yep, this is one of the rare occasions when my post is not drafted ahead of time.

Oct 05

Guest Post: The New Gatekeepers by J. Aleksandr Wootton

I had recently had a discussion post up about handling unsolicited reviews, and one of our author friends was kind enough to comment and put together a guest post on the topic. This is something that I feel relates to all of us, and something we all need to consider when looking at our existing review policies and perhaps how we need to adjust them to accommodate for the changes occurring in the publishing industry. It seems that with the change to more independently and self published authors, book bloggers have gone from mere book reviewers to almost a form of publicist for every book that crosses their desk. Lets see what J. Aleksandr Wootton had to say about this topic, and then you can all comment and weigh in on it as well!