I know You Have Been Hearing The Crickets

It has been eerily, creepily quiet here lately.  I know you guys have felt it.  But there has been a lot going on behind the scenes that took a lot of time and energy to process and I had to get all of my ducks in a row.

We moved.  As in, a really long distance.  We had to make some very hard decisions in the process concerning my oldest two children who, for the time being, are with their dad while my husband, myself, and the little one are up in Michigan.  We are starting over.  There are a lot of very long and complicated reasons and the majority of them are health related on both mine and my husband’s part.  There are some things we need to tend to that are better dealt with here.  A lot of people have been really supportive and we are grateful for that.  We wouldn’t have been able to do this otherwise.

All things considered, things are going okay.  There are ups and downs in any major transition and that is to be expected, but we are holding our own.

The other major change in our lives is that, as of this week, I am officially a college student.  My classes officially start on the 2nd and I will be pursuing a degree in Special Education.  It’s something that has become a passion of mine the more we become heavily invested in the education system with our little miss and I see the changes I wish I could make.  I realize how much easier it would be to make those changes from within the system.  And I want to have the effect I have seen her teachers have on her.  They need teachers like that where we live.  So that’s what I want to do.

My writing has been….  Problematic.  I have hit a lot of fits and starts and some stories are talking to me more than others and while some were intended to come sooner, they have been moved around to accommodate for the characters in my head with the loudest voices whose stories beg to be told.  There is so much that begs to be written and so few hours in the day.

I have not forgotten about my reading or my blogging and hope to recommit to it in the new year as this is where my passion for these things really and truly first sparked.  I have taken up bullet journaling and it seems to be doing a better job of keeping me on track than any other system I have used before.  Hopefully, it is just what I need to get things organized the way I need moving forward.

How has the end of 2016 been for all of you?  What are your big plans for 2017?  Did anything huge happen that completely derailed your life in a good way that you never expected?  Tell me all about it in the comments.  I love to hear from my readers.

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