Beyond the Books: (1) What I Miss About Being a Kid


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Beyond the Books is a weekly meme where I throw out a topic (mostly non-bookish), and you guys blog about it. Come back here and share the link to your blog post, and we all have fun learning about each other.

I am so excited to participate and this is my first week participating.  I know I don’t usually do memes and the like, but I thought it would be a good way for me to start diversifying my content a little bit, and as part of my participating in Bloggiesta this year, I figured I needed to start putting myself out there more.

This week’s topic was “The things I miss about being a kid”

Thinking back to childhood, I think what I miss the most is the carefree nature of it all.  There really was no responsibility.  Sure, my family didn’t have much and I am sure they struggled, but I didn’t really have to know about it.  I was not responsible for it.  I got to play and be free and just be a kid.

I had an endless supply of books.  Yep, I was obsessed, even then.  Libraries held an endless supply of new adventures and new friends that were a page turn away and I could get lost there for hours.  Time to go home was when the street lights started to come on, and I would hop on my bike and head back.  Times were so much simpler.

I didn’t have video games.  They existed, but we didn’t have them in our house.  The original Nintendo came out when I was 7.  I climbed trees.  I played baseball and hockey in the street with my cousins.  I dug holes.  I played in the woods.  I got dirty.  I rode my bike.  And I read.  And do you know what? I was free.  I loved it.

Those were the moments I cherish, because now, my time is scheduled, budgeted, managed by an electronic leash tying me to reality and the real world!  I love my life and wouldn’t trade it, don’t get me wrong, but there are moments and days that I long for that carefree life again, just for a little while.

What about you?  What are your favorite childhood memories?  What pulls you back to those moments just for a little while and makes you wish you were a little kid again just to feel that rush?

7 thoughts on “Beyond the Books: (1) What I Miss About Being a Kid

  1. I said it in my post, but I really miss climbing trees. I know I must have felt some fear, but not like now. I know a little slip might mean ugly bruising for weeks and a broken bone scares the hell out of me. Things don’t always heal correctly when you get old. Plus, I would miss work. Ugh! The freedom of climbing a tree just to get a better view.
    Thanks for playing along this week!
    Karen Blue recently posted..The Things I Miss About Being A Kid ~Beyond The BooksMy Profile

    • Are you kidding? I am petrified of heights now. I can’t even stand on a chair without needing help getting down! But when I was a kid I was fearless. Course, back then if I fell, I might just miss a day of school. Now, I would have to miss work. And I am self employed so I don’t get sick time. And I am the only one working, so then what would my family do. And then the panic sets in. You see the vicious circle??

      Thanks for hosting, this was a fun one. With a little luck, I will be playing along next time too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. There were mostly boys my age in the neighborhood so I climbed trees and got dirty, too! I also loved the library. I had an aquarium in my bedroom and I used to get back up after my mother shut the door at night and read the aquarium light. Ha ha. 🙂

    • Haha, same in my neighborhood! I had my cousins upstairs who were boys, and a couple other boys in the neighborhood, that was pretty much it. And for me it was a flashlight in my closet!

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