May 31

It’s Over :*( The Clean Sweep ARC Challenge May 2014

Clean Sweep ARC Challenge May 2014
If you click on the picture up top there, it will take you to more info about the challenge and what you had to do to participate.
If you click on this link right here you can check out my startup and goals post.  If you don’t want to go read through all of that, I will tell you that I set out to read at least 10 ARCs this month.  This is what I managed to read:
May 31

#ArmchairBEA: Wrapping Up The Week

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Wow!  I cannot believe that Armchair BEA has come to a close again.  This continues to be one of my favorite blogging events.  We had a week of meeting new bloggers, hanging out in Twitter parties, and writing about some awesome topics.

To recap, here are all of my posts in a nice, neat little package:

May 30

Cover Reveal For Pride By Rosie Somers

Copy of Pridebanner-1 (2)

Today I’m excited to share the cover of Rosie Somer’s debut Novel. Pride is a young adult urban fantasy that will release this summer from Anaiah Press.

About Pride:

Seventeen-year-old Gabriella Pierce is used to taking care of herself, but she’s about to become responsible for a whole lot more. When she gets a visit from three men claiming to be defenders of fantastical rings imbued with the powers of THE CARDINAL SINS, her life is changed irrevocably.


Gabby is the steward of PRIDE


May 30

#ArmchairBEA Day Five: Who Are You Blogging For?


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On this, the final day of ArmchairBEA discussions before the event comes to a closes, we are encouraged to pick our own topic; one that we feel was not touched on but should have been.

I sat here for a while and wondered what I should write about.  In fact, it took me all week.  While most of my other posts were drafted ahead of time, right now it is a quarter after 1 on Friday Morning, and I am just now sitting down and writing this post.

May 30

#ArmchairBEA Day 5: Young Adult and Middle Grade Fiction

ArmchairBEA LogoExampleMiddle Grade/Young Adult 
Our final genre of discussion is one that we know is a popular one these days: books for the younger crowd, from middle grade to young adult. If you do not normally talk about this genre on your site, maybe you want to feature books that you remember impacting you during this stage in your life. If this is where you tend to gravitate, maybe you want to list your favorites, make recommendations based on genres, or feature some titles that you are excited to read coming later this year. 



May 30

Review: Growing Up Duggar: It’s All About Relationships

Title:  Growing up Duggar:  It’s All About Relationships
Author:  Jana, Jill, Jess and Jinger Duggar
Publisher: Howard Books
Publication Date:  March 4, 2014
Page Count:  256
Where I got it:  Library
Where you can get it: Amazon
How much: List Price 21.99
Format I read it in: eBook




It’s All About Relationships!

In this delightful and very personal book, the four oldest Duggar girls share their hearts and their core beliefs, explaining that it’s all about relationships!

• Relationship with self: The girls share their own personal journeys to self-acceptance and navi­gating the difficult stage of adolescence.

May 29

#ArmchairBEA: Day Four: Beyond the Borders (and a Little Bit of Thought on Giveaways)

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Beyond the Borders 
It’s time to step outside your comfort zone, outside your borders, or outside of your own country or culture. Tell us about the books that transported you to a different world, taught you about a different culture, and/or helped you step into the shoes of someone different from you. What impacted you the most about this book? What books would you recommend to others who are ready or not ready to step over the line? In essence, let’s start the conversation about diversity and keep it going!

May 28

#ArmchairBEA Day Three: Expanding Blogging Horizons

ArmchairBEA LogoExampleExpanding Blogging Horizons 
What do you think about when you think about going beyond blogging or expanding your horizons? Is it a redesign of your blog? Have you branched out into freelance writing or even published a novel of your very own? Or, have you moved into a different venue like podcasts or vlogging? This is the day to tell us about how you have expanded on blogging in your own unique way.




May 28

#ArmchairBEA Day Three: Novellas and Short Stories

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Novellas/Short Stories 
Now it is time to give a little love to those little stories in your life. Share your love for your favorite shorts of any form. What is a short story or novella that doesn’t get the attention that it deserves? Recommend to readers what shorts you would recommend they start with. How about listing some short story anthologies based upon genres or authors? 

May 27

ARC Review: Take Me On by Katie McGarry #cleansweepARC #MyNetGalley

Title:  Take Me On
Author: Katie McGarry
Publisher:  Harlequin Teen
Publication Date:  May 27, 2014
Page Count:  544
Where I got it: Publisher via Netgalley
Where you can get it: Amazon
How much: List Price 17.99
Format I read it in:  eARC


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