A to Z Blogging Challenge (#atozchallenge) M is for Middle Grade – My Review of Liar and Spy

Title: Liar and Spy
Author: Rebecca Stead
Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books
Publication Date: August 7, 2012
Page Count: 192
Where I got: ARCycling
Where you can get it: Amazon
How much: List Price 15.99
Format I read it in: Print ARC


Georges (the s is silent) has a lot going on. He’s having trouble with some boys at school, his dad lost his job and so his mum has started working all the time – and they had to sell their house and move

into an apartment.

But moving into the apartment block does bring one good thing – Safer, an unusual boy who lives on the top floor. He runs a spy club, and is determined to teach Georges everything he knows. Their current case is to spy on the mysterious Mr X in the apartment above Georges.But as Georges and Safer go deeper into their Mr X plan, the line between games, lies, and reality begin to blur.

My Thoughts: five-stars

This book….I am not sure. I really tried to put myself into the mindset of the target demographic. I really did. Maybe I am just not very good at it, but something about this book just bothered me.

I liked that the story incorporated some actual knowledge in there, about the Seurat painting, things like that. I like that the story has a real message. I like that it was kind of light and fun, while being serious at the same time. It was well edited, which is usually a pet peeve of mine.

But, see, it just felt flat to me. I thought the premise was cute, but the delivery method just left me, wanting.

While I did not really enjoy this one, I am sure that there are many, many people who did. I intend to pass the book down to my 9 year old, and I am sure he will probably have a very different perspective on the book than I did. It just did not work for me.

**DISCLAIMER** In full compliance with FTC Guidelines, I received a copy of this book through ARCycling (see link above) in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was in no way compensated for this opinion, and the thoughts are my own. Links above will take you to a site where you can PURCHASE a copy. Using those links will take you through an affiliate link and I will receive a small percentage of the purchase cost. You are in no way obligated to use affiliate links and there is no additional cost to do so.

2 thoughts on “A to Z Blogging Challenge (#atozchallenge) M is for Middle Grade – My Review of Liar and Spy

    • I agree. I have another one this week that will end up being a DNF and I feel cheated because I actually sought it out. But I am starting to learn that there are too many good books out there to waste time on the ones that are not working for me.

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