#Boutofbooks 13 Goals and Progress


So for a more official post regarding my goals and such.  This will also be where I will post my updates.
Time Spent Reading
I plan to spend at least one hour a day reading.
I want to read at least 2 books this week.
I want to participate in at least 3 challenges.
I want to visit at least 10 new to me blogs.
I want to participate in at least 1 Twitter Chat.
I want to finish re-reading City of Bones.  I am starting out on page 74.  


Number of books I’ve read today: 1
Number  of Pages today:  30

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May 11

Bookish Survey #boutofbooks

Today’s challenge comes to us from  Writing My Own Fairytale.

The challenge is to answer the following questions and to get to know some of the other participants through this survey.  So here is mine!


The Questions: 

1. How do you organize your shelves?
2. What is one of your favorite book that’s not in one of your favorite genres?
3. What is the last 5 star book you read?
4. What book are you most excited to read during the read-a-thon?
5. What book do you recommend the most?


May 10

#Boutofbooks 13 Official Signup and Goals Post

Bout of Books
Well, it is that time again and I am excited to say that I will be once again participating in Bout of Books.  After my epic fail with Dewey, I am looking to make a good showing this time around.  I do not have a set list of books but my goal is to read as much as possible and get in Twitter chats and do some good networking with other bloggers.  Are you participating?  Link me up and let me know.
Apr 25

Dewey Readathon April 2015

So, I am starting a few hours late, but let’s see what we can do!  My alarm clock never went off!  And of course I am behind at work so I am going to have so many distractions today, but hopefully I can get some reading in.  And off I go.  This post is where my updates will be!

UPDATE: So 5 and a half hours in and I am at about 30 pages into my book.  Life has a funny way of throwing us some curve balls.  I have missed out on some of the hourly challenges but I plan on paying more attention the rest of the day.  

Apr 25

Oh, Wow! It’s #Readathon Season

So, totally forgot that it was getting to be readathon time again.  Dewey’s starts in the morning!!!  Who else will be participating?  I am looking forward to trying to get some reading in.  Of course, we just moved, and I have a house full of kids, and I am under the gun at work, so who knows what I will really be able to accomplish, but I will give it a go nonetheless.  If I can finish one book, I will be pleased enough with myself.  Going to start with book 7 of Artemis Fowl, the Atlantis Complex, and see if I can get it knocked out since it has been on my TBR for far too long!

Apr 15

Survey Time, Readers. I Need Your Comments

So, the other day I announced that I would be starting a few new features on the blog.  One is going to be called “The Life and Times of an Autism Mom.”  The other is going to be reviews of non-book items.  Namely, well, products and stuff like that.

What I am wondering is does anyone have any suggestions on types of products they would like to see reviewed?  I don’t want to just throw random stuff at you and send you screaming for the hills.

Apr 12

So, Thinking about some new things

So, I know it has been very quiet around here and I need to work on that.  I have a bunch of reviews drafted that I need to just finish up and get them posted.  I am still reading and reviewing.  I just have been super busy in real life and balance has never been one of my strong suits.

I have a few things coming up that I am kind of excited about.  While this blog will primarily be about the books and such, I do want to broaden my horizons a bit, so I am starting to do product reviews as well.

Apr 01

Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Rachel’s Deception by Karen Ann Hopkins



Karen Ann Hopkins returns with a gripping new book in the YA Temptation series. The powerful family saga continues with Noah’s little Sister in: 

Rachel’s Deception



  • Mark Rachel’s Deception on Goodreads
  • Publication: May 2015

Growing up Amish is difficult…but leaving it behind is even harder.


Noah was Amish…Rose wasn’t. Being together should have been impossible. But somehow they found a way to make it work. They are finally a family, but their happily-ever-after is still a long off. Will Rose and her friends be able to force real change?

Mar 31

Review: Speed Reading: The Ultimate Speed Reading Guide- How to Double or Triple your Reading Speed in just 7 Hours

Title:  Speed Reading: The Ultimate Speed Reading Guide – How to Double or Triple Your Reading Speed in Just 7 Hours
Author: Mike Pakulski
Page Count: 23
Where I got it: Kindle Freebie
Where you can get it: Amazon
How much: List Price 2.99
Format I read it in: Kindle








Mar 29

ARC Review: Hero Complex by Margaux Froley

Title:  Hero Complex:  A Keaton School Novel
Author:  Margaux Froley
Publisher:  Soho Teen
Publication Date: October 14, 2014
Page Count:  224
Where I got it:  Netgalley
Where you can get it: Amazon
How much: List Price 17.99
Format I read it in: eARC